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Then there is the concept work.


我相信每个人都看过这部电影, 我在搜索电影相关信息时,找到了电影的官方网站,我按照我的想法重新设计电影的官网。

I believe that everyone has seen this movie. When I searched for information about movies, I found the official website of the movie. I redesigned the official website of the movie according to my ideas.


I think the official website of the film should be based on a large number of stills/covers, while reducing other design elements to make it look very simple, which can highlight the theme of the movie.

同时我认为这十分取巧,因为这能降低很多运营成本,使用现成的资源作为主要元素。这就像Apple Mac OS 中的背景模糊一样,用现成的元素(用户自定义的壁纸)来渲染氛围。

At the same time, I think this is very tricky, because it can reduce a lot of operating costs, using off-the-shelf resources as the main element. This is like the background blur in Apple Mac OS, using the ready-made elements (user-defined wallpapers) to render the atmosphere.

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